Third Form Germanists enjoyed a Winterwunderland Trip to Würzburg and Nürnberg over the Christmas holidays. Both cities exuded the joy and anticipation of Christmas, and the pupils revelled in the excitement of being let loose in the markets brimming with seasonal gifts, baubles and sweets.

On a tour of the Würzburg Residenz pupils marvelled at the ‘mirror room’, as well as many other impressive architectural features picked out in marble-like plaster and imposing frescoes. After climbing the steps up to the Festung Marienberg, the pupils enjoyed a spectacular view of the entire city shrouded in fog. The tour guide drew their attention to the city’s architecture, its symbols, and even a deep groove in a rock where guards had sharpened their weapons. They saw suits of armour, swords for execution, ancient pottery and garden statues.

In Nürnburg they went to the theatre where they enjoyed a two-man production of Ox und Esel, and immersed themselves in the city’s famous Christmas markets bedecked with festive cheer and animated with illuminated carousels and ferris wheels. It was truly a trip to wonderland and an enchanting start to the holidays.