“We have a long-held belief that a full boarding ethos offers the best environment within which to realise our ambitions for all our pupils, giving us the scope and the time to offer unparalleled opportunity that simply is not possible otherwise, from the youngest to the oldest, boarders and day pupils alike.”

Sarah Kerr-Dineen


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Boarding Life

We are one of the largest boarding schools in the UK and one of the very few schools to offer an authentic full modern boarding ethos. Our identity as a school is defined by this ethos and the opportunities that it affords our pupils. The fact that we are either all in or all out across our senior Houses gives continuity to our boarding community and importantly, gives friendship to pupils across the week.

It also means that in term time, we are able genuinely to envisage the seven day week as the canvas on which we paint our pupils’ education. Day pupils too benefit from this breadth of opportunity beyond a normal School day, while returning to their own homes at night.

“There is no need to be nervous about boarding as the welcoming and friendly environment at Oundle makes it feel like home from home.”
Current pupil

"Our children have the opportunity to grow in a way that simply isn't possible in a school which closes at 4pm and which doesn't have the rich life beyond the school day."

Sarah Kerr-Dineen, Head Quote mark

"It doesn't matter what year you're in; you respect a person for who they are, not how old they are or how long they have been at the school."

Mirabel and Sam, Heads of School 2023 - 2024 Quote mark

Being true to what we value 

  • We understand that children develop at different rates and stages, with different needs along the way: outstanding teaching, pastoral care and resources are therefore vital. 
  • We understand that children and teenagers value intensely their friendships and being with their friends: boarding gives a unique context in which to grow up happily and securely. 
  • We understand that the 18-year-old leaver cannot be the end-point of any school’s vision: we must support each child to develop the authentic confidence with which to continue to learn and to contribute to society throughout adult life. 
  • We understand the deep satisfaction of academic study and the life of the mind: of reading and discovering, debating and challenging, thinking and reflecting. 
  • We understand the irreplaceable contribution of school life beyond the taught curriculum to a child’s growth and self-belief: our boarding ethos gives all our pupils the breathing space truly to value opportunity.

Our boarding community


full boarders


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individual child

I think it does make you into a better person at the end of the day because you're learning to get on with people from all walks of life.
Sixth Form Boarder

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