It is often said that Oundelians are intellectually curious, energetic, resourceful: that they are able young people who love school and value friendship. However beyond sharing certain characteristics such as being good-hearted, open-minded and serious about making the most of themselves and their opportunities, it is virtually impossible to define an average Oundelian.

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Joining Oundle at 13+

Pupils join Oundle in Third Form (Year 9) from a wide range of schools in both the independent and maintained sector – coming together with day and boarding pupils who joined Oundle at 11+ or 12+.

Boarders join one of our thirteen senior boarding Houses while day pupils join Laxton, our senior day House. It is an exciting time when all pupils, whether new to Oundle or continuing their journey, embark on a new phase of their education – with a wealth of different opportunities to explore and new friendships to forge.

A small number of 14+ boarding places are normally available each year. Our Admissions team would be happy to discuss your options and explain the entry process for joining Oundle in our Fourth Form.

To get the most out of Oundle, immerse yourself into every aspect of School life and take every opportunity presented to you.

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The 13+ Admissions Journey

We appreciate that each family’s admissions journey will be slightly different, but the summary below details the key steps for those joining Oundle at 13+. More detailed information, along with answers to common questions, can be found in our 13+ Admissions Step by Step Guide.

Visit Oundle

Three to four years prior to entry (Years 5 – 6)

We welcome families to visit Oundle in person by attending an Open Day or individual visit. You will get to meet the Registrar and other key members of staff, explore the School and spend time with pupils.

Families requiring financial assistance are encouraged to enquire about our means-tested bursaries as early in the process as possible.

To find out more please explore the link below:

Oundle FEES AND Bursaries



Three to four years prior to entry (Years 5 – 6)

By registering you are guaranteed consideration of a place at Oundle and we will keep you up-to-date with the latest information and news from Oundle. A non-refundable administration fee of £250 is required at this stage.

For those applying outside of the UK, it would be advantageous for all applicants from overseas to provide us with a UKiset report prior to registration. UKiset is an adaptive cognitive test measuring underlying ability and language proficiency.


All applicants from mainland China should contact our official representative. Please see the link below for more information:

Mainland China Enquiries

Early Offers

Year 6

For those joining Oundle through Common Entrance or via a UK school, most formal places are offered from the Spring Term of Year 6 onwards, following a satisfactory school report and reference.  Pupils will then confirm their places in Year 8 through entrance exams.

The early offers stage is not applicable for those joining from schools overseas.

Scholarship applications

October of Year 8

Scholarships are awarded during the Autumn and Spring Terms of Year 8. Application deadlines for all scholarships are in October of Year 8

To find out more please explore the link below:

Oundle Scholarships


Entrance Examinations

January or June of Year 8

For most pupils joining Oundle at 13+ from a UK school, entrance is through Common Entrance, sat in June of Year 8.

For those at a UK School which does not offer Common Entrance, candidates will sit the Oundle Entrance, our own entrance tests, in January of Year 8. This consists of an informal interview alongside a Cognitive Ability Test and papers in Mathematics, English, Science and normally a Modern Foreign Language.

All overseas applicants will also sit the Oundle Entrance in January of Year 8, sitting the same entrance papers as UK candidates. We ask all candidates not taking examinations at Oundle School to sit them at a British Council Office.

Places for those sitting the Oundle Entrance will be offered in January / February after the examinations.

Past papers for 13+ entrance and scholarship examinations can be found here.

Our 13+ Admissions Guide has further details about our assessment process.

Joining Oundle

September of Year 9 (Third Form)

We look forward to welcoming new joiners in September of Year 9 (Third Form). In the Summer Term, prior to joining, we host a Third Form Gathering so that pupils can get to know their new cohort and have some fun. A welcome pack of information, including a House Handbook and a School Guide, is sent to all families as the excitement builds for this new chapter of life.

Our Step by Step Guide

We believe in an admissions process that is based on mutual trust. This guide gives you clarity across each stage and timings of the admissions process, as well as offering insights into what you can expect from Oundle along the way.


Upcoming years of entry


If you are not already registered with Oundle but are interested in joining us in 2024 please contact the Admissions team for further information.


Please contact us as soon as possible if you are considering 13+ entry in 2025.


Enquiries, visits and registrations are welcome. Please contact admissions if you would like to arrange a visit or for any further information we can help you with.


Enquiries for both boarding and day places are made through the Admissions Office. Prospective families are warmly invited to contact the Admissions team to find out more and to explore a visiting option that works for you.

T: +44 (0)1832 277125

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