“It is the responsibility of every single member of the School community to take both individual and collective action towards a carbon zero goal in a determined, consistent and single-minded way.”
Sarah Kerr-Dineen, Head

We are committed to minimising our impact on, and improving the quality of, the environment both now and in the future. Since 2021 we have worked in partnership with iiE, Investors in the Environment, to structure our efforts and track our progress towards something which is recognisably better than where we started. In the summer of 2022 we achieved the Bronze level of accreditation and we are now working towards Silver.

Our Environmental Management System commits us to specific carbon and environmental targets. 100% of our electricity is now supplied by suppliers using renewable energy and we are capturing effective data about our carbon footprint and energy usage across the whole estate. Common core objectives, including around climate, nature, and waste/pollution prevention have  been set. All investment funds have been switched to those of a sustainable and ethical nature.

Our key objectives

  • Improve the management of material resources, maximising efficiency and minimising wastage
  • Improve energy and water use efficiency
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • Reduce and where possible, eliminate, the use of environmentally damaging substances and processes
  • Include environmental considerations in investment decisions
  • Attempt to exceed the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation where possible
  • Procure, where feasible, sustainable and low environmental impact goods
  • Publish details of environmental targets, activities and performance
  • Raise environmental awareness throughout our School community.

Our current projects

We are now investing in a number of key infrastructure projects that focus on climate, nature and waste/pollution prevention. These include:

  • A phased programme to replace lighting with LED systems across the School estate
  • A rolling programme of installation of ‘smart’ meters across electricity and gas
  • Trialling of energy monitoring systems to inform and drive behaviour change
  • A move to fully recyclable exercise books made from bagasse paper
  • A tree management strategy whereby for every tree removed, three are planted
  • Encouragement of biodiversity and wildlife through the planting of wildflowers
  • Minimisation of waste generation and disposal of waste in the most sustainable way.

Pupil engagement

Part of our broader commitment to our pupils is to ensure that they recognise their responsibility to be committed to the world beyond the School. With the support of staff, pupils are encouraged to get involved with environmental leadership through several channels, including:

  • The Green Team: a self-selecting group of environmentally minded pupils
  • Green Reps in each of the Houses
  • Environmental Ambassadors in the Pupil Pastoral Forum, championing positive change in the School
  • Our Community Action programme.

About iiE

Investors in the Environment (iiE) is a national environmental accreditation scheme designed to help organisations across the UK reduce their impact on the environment, save money and time, and get promoted for their green credentials.



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