We are proud of our connections with tertiary level institutions, enabling us to draw in additional expertise which can benefit both Oundle School and our partners.

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Imperial College London

The development of our unique partnership with Imperial College London, one of the UK’s top universities and a world leader in tertiary education, has been instrumental in expanding our reach and expertise. There are four key strands to our relationship, alongside the College being an integral member of the OPEN Learning Partnership.

  • Imperial College London Outreach Fellows
    We employ two recent graduates to support the outreach work of both Oundle and the College, including teaching lessons in OPEN Learning Partnership schools, supporting teacher development and running After-School Science Clubs.
  • STEM Roadshows
    We run a series of term-time roadshows in both independent and maintained schools which are delivered by outreach staff from Oundle and the College.
  • Planetarium
    We are granted access to the College’s Planetarium for our Science Festival each July. 
  • STEM Potential
    Our sister programme to the College’s flagship outreach programme.

Swansea University 

Both Oundelians and pupils from our partnerships benefit from our links with Swansea’s Engineering Faculty, including: 

  • Visits by Prof Ben Evans, Chief Aerodynamicist for the Bloodhound World Land Speed Record attempt. 
  •  Regular presentations by the Swansea Engineering team for 6th Form Lectures, ExpertEdLive and other events. 
  • Visits by the Swansea Formula Student team and their race car simulator. 
  • A residential Engineering Summer School, open to all, at the Patrick Engineering Centre, led by Dr Evans and his team.
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Royal College of Music

We have a unique formal partnership with the Royal College of Music, enabling talented musicians to work with professors and students for mutual benefit. This includes joint events, masterclasses and workshops as well as the possibility of long-term guidance and preparation for conservatoire entry. There are five key strands to this partnership:  

  •  The appointment of an RCM Fellow to develop our outreach with local schools, offering valuable experiences for both our pupils and those outside our walls. 
  • Hosting an annual concert at the RCM in its stunning Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall.
  • Three visits over the year from RCM professors across differing music specialisms. 
  • Professional development opportunities with RCM professors, including shadowing professors and world-class performers. 
  • The development and hosting of music opportunities outside term-time in conjunction with local music services.
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