The pupils in our care are at the heart of all that we do and every decision we make. The education we provide aims to develop in our pupils the skills, attitudes and habits of mind that will sustain them throughout a long life, enabling them to flourish both at School and beyond. This vision informs every element of the School’s leadership and practice.

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“Our pupils should always recognise that there is a world beyond Oundle.”

Our vision

Our criteria for success are not limited to what happens at School: we wish to support the intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social growth of our pupils, so that they may become happy, balanced contributors to society. We have a responsibility to ensure that every single member of the School community takes both individual and collective action towards environmental sustainability. We encourage aspiration and abhor arrogance, nurturing open minds, authentic self-belief and a sense of service.

We believe that boarding offers the best environment within which to realise these educational ambitions, with day pupils involved fully in the breadth offered by such an education. We also believe in the intrinsic value of partnership and outreach to the various communities of which we form part.

Our core values


Pupils are at the heart of what we value and central to every decision made.


We value the staff who contribute to the lives of our pupils in whatever capacity.


We value the opportunities that the School makes available both to pupils and to staff.


We value the various communities of which we form part, not least former pupils and parents.


We recognise the value of seeking the highest quality in all that we do.

Pupil welfare and conduct

Promoting and safeguarding our pupils’ welfare is essential as we seek to empower them to thrive and to flourish, finding personal fulfilment through the various strands of their lives at School. We seek to support the development of resilience and self-esteem through their participation in a varied programme of enriching activities, celebrating diversity and encouraging individualism.

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Academic Study

Oundle has long shown itself to be open to innovation and change, combining a strong and traditional educational model with new disciplines, techniques and facilities. The School’s ability and willingness to develop its delivery of an academic curriculum has been the defining measure of its success. The firm academic foundation that the School has built allows us to adopt and develop new approaches in pedagogy and technology.

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Pastoral Care

We recognise that the journey through adolescence is seldom straightforward. An important part of our educational responsibility is therefore to enable our pupils to celebrate their growing maturity, as well as to come to terms with personal challenge. We want every pupil at Oundle to know that they are cared for.

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The Co-Curriculum

The co-curriculum is vital to the achievement of our broad educational vision as a School, and for this reason all pupils and all staff are involved in the teaching and learning opportunities it offers. Its span is broad, including Sport, Drama and Music as well as many opportunities for creativity, service and leadership.

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Much of Oundle’s success has been built on a reliable and broad intake of pupils keen to make the most of the extensive educational opportunities available to them. These opportunities extend beyond the academic curriculum and into character education through both the co-curriculum and the fostering of independence that a residential experience offers.

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Partnerships and Outreach

We are committed to making a social impact beyond our own School and our own pupils as well as learning from our peers across the educational community.  In addition we want to ensure that the community in which all our pupils grow up is diverse and socially representative.  Our partnerships and outreach programme promotes these twin aims.

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The Wider School

The role of the Bursarial team is to support the vision of both Oundle School and Laxton Junior School. The pupils and their education guide all decisions. We aim to provide a world-class, inspiring environment in which the highest standard of education is delivered, instilling confidence in the School’s community by ensuring value for money and respect for the charitable funds we manage.

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Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Our Philosophy and Admissions Information

If you would like to find out more about what we value and who we are as a School, do download our current publication. We are very happy to send out hard copies, or to give you a copy when you visit.

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