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Yarrow Gallery 24 - 29 Jun 2024

A Level and GCSE Exhibition

Yarrow Gallery

Our exam year artists present a visually engaging, rich array of outcomes exploring different materials and processes. 

Stahl Theatre 27 Jun 2024


Stahl Theatre

To mark the end of their Second Form at Oundle, pupils will take part in a three-day cross arts project, working in a carousel of activities to share at the Stahl Theatre.

Music 28 Jun 2024

Leavers Concert

Great Hall

One of the most important and poignant concerts of our year as we say farewell to our treasured leavers who perform solos and concerto movements of choice.

Stahl Theatre 01 Jul 2024

Dr Pader’s STEM Olympics

Stahl Theatre

Join the GAMES with a variety of amazing FEATS of SCIENCE presented by Oundle School’s Imperial College Outreach Fellow, Dr Vera Pader.

Stahl Theatre 02 Jul 2024

Moon to Mars

Stahl Theatre

Charting the early history of space exploration, through to modern day space tourism, this show will educate and entertain in equal measure. Featuring live demonstrations of rockets, fireballs and more!

Stahl Theatre 03 Jul 2024


Stahl Theatre

The ever-popular Kjartan Poskitt returns with his wacky brand of ‘Curiosities and Conundrums’, all presented in his inimitable style.

Stahl Theatre 04 Jul 2024

Energy Live!

Stahl Theatre

From elastic to gravitational, kinetic to chemical, see some fiery and maybe even explosive demonstrations of what energy is and how it affects our lives.

Stahl Theatre 12 Sep 2024

Frankenstein (On A Budget)

Stahl Theatre

One man, one monster, one glorious dream to single-handedly tell the most famous cult horror story of all time, and absolutely no budget whatsoever. What could possibly go wrong?

Stahl Theatre 15 Sep 2024

Our Globe

Stahl Theatre

Join us for an enchanting evening as our talented Drama Scholars bring to life the most memorable scenes and speeches from William Shakespeare’s plays.