“Oundelians do. It is part of what makes them special and what marks them out in later life. The co-curriculum is vital to the achievement of our broad educational vision and we seek to provide a broad range of enriching opportunities that foster growth, responsibility, toughmindedness and excellence.”

Alistair Sherwin

Deputy Head Co-curricular

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One of the biggest advantages of being a large boarding school is the scope it gives us for an extraordinarily rich and varied co-curricular programme. We have an ambitious approach to opportunity – there really is something for everyone – and we mind about doing things well. There are three strands to our co-curricular activities: leadership, adventure and service, and creativity and culture, all of which provide Oundelians with opportunities to engage with the world outside School. Whilst some activities are compulsory, such as Combined Cadet Force (CCF) for all Fourth Form, it is generally the responsibility of the pupils, under the direction of their Tutors, to commit themselves to a personal programme of participation that is right for them.

Developing global contributors

We take seriously our responsibility to educate children and to instil in each of them the importance of contributing positively to society both while at School and as adults. We aim for our pupils to become global contributors; young people with an understanding of their place in the world who are equipped to make informed and valuable contributions to the various communities of which they are part. All Oundelians should seek to develop both an understanding and view of the world grounded in a broad life experience, and this is at the heart of our co-curricular programme.

“Oundle provides you with every opportunity to stretch yourself and discover new areas that spark your interest."

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“The journey might be challenging and demanding but you will definitely feel the satisfaction and self-reward if you make the most of it.”

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“Oundle is what you make of it, so throw yourself into everything. Try as many new things in Third Form as you can - the effort you put in now will continue to pay off throughout and past school.”

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Electives and Societies

Teachers from all departments lead Electives and Societies that reflect their own leisure interests or skills outside the classroom. Several are run by senior pupils. They are an opportunity for pupils to broaden academic horizons and explore artistic, literary, cultural or sporting activities without having to be tested on the experience. They offer a chance for pupils to delve deeper into things that really interest them, such as dissection and photography, as well as a chance to have a go at something that they have never done before, such as bridge or shooting.

Above all, they are designed to be fun and embrace the enjoyment of learning. Each major academic department also runs its own Society, with some offering one at both a senior and a junior level. All welcome distinguished visitors to speak during the academic year. Most Society meetings take place in the evenings and are a sociable way of learning more about personal interests.


Advanced Maths for JuniorsAstronomyBadminton
BasketballBoard GamesBridge
Creative WritingCricket SkillsCrochet
DissectionDressmakingF1 in Schools
FivesFootball Greenpower
Hispanic SocietyHistory Film SocietyHistory of Art
Hockey Goalkeeper SkillsJunior Book ClubJunior Psychology
Junior TennisLingua MagazineMaking Books
MedSocMindfulnessModel United Nations
Oscar RadioPhotographyProgramming
Stahl Theatre BackstageStrategic Card SchoolSwimming
Table TennisTarget Rifle ShootingTouch Rugby (Girls)
UK Maths Challenge ExtraWarhammerWaterpolo

Oundle Opportunities

We believe in the power of opportunity among the five things we value most: pupils, staff, opportunity, community and quality. Find out more about the wide range of different opportunities for pupils at Oundle, each run by a person who is committed and passionate about sharing their interests; they consider it life-enhancing, and even life-changing, and want to help pupils get involved.

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“Teachers have so much time for you if you engage with them and you ask. They also take an active interest in making sure that you're stretching yourself beyond the curriculum. You are given so many opportunities at Oundle and if you make the most of them, you will just fly.”
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