There were twists and turns aplenty in this night full of intrigue and deception, as ten strangers go to an island and none of them return. And Then There Were None is arguably Agatha Christie’s most popular and challenging story, and Grafton House truly brought it to life.

Evan Ball took the helm as director of this claustrophobic masterpiece and proved very adept at leading the audience exactly where he wanted them to go. This was crisp, sophisticated storytelling, handled with clarity and maturity. For whilst this classic “who done it” has much to recommend it as a piece thrilling escapism, it is also a fascinating study in morality, and this production was constantly concerned with  the consequences of each character’s past. 

It was a real ensemble piece – with every cast member essential to the play’s success. Special praise goes to Minty Kunzer (N) for her spirited portrayal of heroine Vera, not to mention Arthur Burgess’ handsomely presented turn as Mrs Rogers. 

This was a gripping evening’s entertainment; just what the doctor ordered on a gloomy January evening.

S Aylin