Scholarships at Oundle

Scholarships reward distinctive academic ability or special talent in Art, Drama, Music, Sports and Design Engineering Technology. Oundle Scholarships are also offered to reward talented candidates who have a genuine interest and ability in two or more of our Scholarship disciplines

All scholarships are won in open competition and are awarded solely on merit. Once at Oundle, Scholars can expect to access further opportunity and support in their discipline to help them make the most of their talents.

13+ Scholarships

Thank you for visiting our scholarship portal. Please complete the relevant electronic entry form for each of your scholarship applicants and email completed submissions to If a pupil is applying for more than one scholarship discipline you will need to complete a separate entry for each. Each Scholarship discipline tab below includes the relevant electronic entry form, as well as a brochure outlining what we are looking for in Scholars and what they can look forward to in return.

Dates of all Scholarships

Please do contact Tony Burrows, Deputy Head Admissions with any queries.
E: T: 01832 277 125.

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2024 Entry 13+ Scholarship APPLICATIONS

Academic | Closing date: Friday 20 October 2023

Assessment date: : Tuesday 27 February – Friday 1 March 2024

13+ Academic Scholarship Entry Form ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP BROCHURE

Contact: Scott Jessop. Head of Life of Learning: or Penny Rowe. Head of Lower Years:

Summary of what we are looking for

We are looking for pupils who demonstrate either high general ability or exceptional ability in a particular academic area (STEM or Liberal Arts). Scholars are most likely to be at the very top of their current cohort and have therefore been exposed to materials much more challenging and ambitious than what is found at Common Entrance level or the equivalent. As part of our Scholarship process, candidates sit the scholarship exam papers, participate in workshops, and enjoy presentations from members of Oundle staff, some of which are deliberately novel experiences. We give candidates the opportunity to discuss and debate in small groups and encourage them to think on their feet, develop new ideas and accept other viewpoints.

Full detailed information on the Academic Scholarship papers 

Past Papers

The following past papers are provided to familiarise pupils with the style of questions included in the academic scholarship assessment.

2022 Past Papers 2023 Past Papers
English English
French French
History History
Geography   Supporting Map Geography   Supporting Map
Maths 1 Maths 1
Maths 2 Maths 2
Science 1 Science 1
Science 2 Science 2
Latin Latin

Art | Closing date: Friday 20 October 2023

Assessment Date:  Sunday 10 March 2024

13+ Art Scholarship entry FormART SCHOLARSHIP BROCHURE

Contact: Caroline Dent, Head of Art:

Summary of what we are looking for

We are looking for individuals who engage passionately with the subject across a diverse Fine Art curriculum and who are not afraid of a challenge or to take risks with their creative work. Successful candidates will demonstrate a strong ambition and interest within the subject, along with recognised achievement. Our Art Scholars seek to engage with the wide range of creative opportunities that are offered here at Oundle, and are both resilient and reflective.

We are looking for enquiring minds, for pupils who enjoy academic study and who are keen to stretch themselves whilst being confident in their ability to keep on improving. We are looking for pupils with the personality and strength of character to lead and enthuse their peers. Successful candidates will show a certain flair and independence of mind; they will be engaged, curious, self-reliant and willing to take the initiative.

Detailed information to prepare candidates for the Art Assessments

Design, Engineering and Technology | Closing date: Friday 20 October 2023

Assessment Date: Sunday 10 March 2024


Contact: Jon Baker, Director of the Patrick Engineering Centre:

Summary of what we are looking for

We offer a DET Scholarship to pupils who demonstrate a strong interest and proven track record in the subject. We are looking for candidates who are passionate either about a discreet area of the curriculum or broader areas within fields related to design, engineering or technologies. As part of the Scholarship process, candidates will take a 45-minute aptitude paper and an individual one-hour practical assessment, followed by a 15-minute interview by the Head of Design, Engineering and Technology where pupils present a portfolio of their work consisting of no more than ten pages.

These three elements of the Scholarship assessment process have been constructed to gauge the holistic capabilities and potential of each applicant. Enthusiasm for the subject, promise and quality of the finished projects presented during the interview are also taken into account. There is the expectation that our Scholars will study Design, Engineering and Technology to at least GCSE level and be keen to be involved in the complementary curriculum that takes place in the Patrick Engineering Centre.

Drama | Closing date: Friday 20 October 2023

Assessment Date: Sunday 10 March 2024

13+ Drama Scholarship Entry Form DRAMA SCHOLARSHIP BROCHURE
Contact: Naomi Baker, Director of the Stahl Theatre: or Matt Burlington, Head of Drama:

Summary of what we are looking for

We are looking for potential; someone with a passion for theatre who is dedicated to honing their craft and creating theatre of the highest standard. You will no doubt be ambitious but you will also be interested in fostering leadership within the Arts. We value individuals who will be good role models for others, who will lead by example, seize opportunities and lead their own projects. 

We offer both Drama Scholarships and a Technical Theatre Scholarship. Assessment will involve a morning spent at Oundle working on the Stahl stage with the Head of Drama and the Director of the Stahl. Applicants will be asked to take part in a workshop with other candidates and will then perform a short speech. Technical Theatre candidates will be asked to present a portfolio of evidence demonstrating their interest or experience in one or more aspects of theatre production. The final part of the process is an interview where we encourage candidates to talk about productions they have been involved in and other work they have enjoyed. Some acting candidates will also have portfolios of work they have been in or seen and this is the perfect time to talk these through.

Music | Closing date: Friday 20 October 2023

Assessment date: w/c Monday 29 January 2024

13+ Music Scholarship entry FormMUSIC SCHOLARSHIP BROCHURE

Where possible, candidates would attend the Music Scholarship Training Day on Thursday 5 October 2023 prior to application. If you have any questions about this or Music Scholarships, please contact Quentin Thomas, Director of Music at or call the Music School on 01832 277132.

Summary of what we are looking for

We are looking for able musicians who can usually offer two instruments, with at least one at around Grade 6 level or higher, although it is not necessary to have taken the exam. We are always pleased to have applications from Cathedral Choristers. We host a popular and useful Training Day for potential Scholars (and their parents!) on the first Thursday in October, that offers training in various musical skills and masterclasses, when performance is assessed and advice is given for greater confidence at the auditions in January. 

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of audition and interview at the end of January in the year of entry; there is no written paper. Scholarship candidates are asked to perform two contrasting pieces on their first instrument and one on any other instrument(s). Whilst it is not necessary to have taken the examination, the first instrument is usually at Grade 6 or higher for 13+. Candidates will be given sight-reading on the principal instrument, aural tests to assess pitch, tonality and rhythm, and will be asked to sing a verse of an unaccompanied folk song. The audition is designed to discover signs of natural ability and interest as much as to test actual performance; based more on potential than on actual attainment. Special encouragement is given to Choristers as we aim to offer one or more Scholarships each year to a Chorister from a Cathedral or Collegiate school.

Oundle Scholarship | Closing date: Friday 20 October 2023

Assessment date: Sunday 10 March – Monday 11 March 2024


An Oundle Scholarship recognises and celebrates the qualities we look for in all our pupils: high academic standards together with significant commitment to the wider life of the School. Oundle Scholars are offered access to elements of the Academic Scholarship Programme, as well as to many of the enrichment opportunities provided for Scholars in their areas of particular interest.

Summary of what we are looking for

Oundle Scholars in many ways represent our ethos: recognising the contribution of able children who throw themselves into school life. They are usually talented candidates who have a genuine interest and ability in two or more of our Scholarship disciplines. Assessment includes social and communication skills, mental dexterity and the ability to influence and lead others positively by argument and example.

Oundle Scholars are offered access to elements of the Academic Scholarship Programme, as well as to many of the enrichment opportunities provided for Scholars in their two areas of particular interest.

Pupils may be entered for this award in addition to one or more of the other Scholarships.  Assessment will be in the same week as Art, Drama and DET and we will take into account your testimonial with regard to academic effort and attainment.

Sport | Closing Date: Friday 20 October 2023

Assessment date: Monday 20 November 2023

13+ Sport Scholarship Entry Form  SPORT SCHOLARSHIPS BROCHURE

Where possible, a member of the Oundle sports staff will watch candidates play under match conditions. To arrange this, or if you have any questions about Sport Scholarships, please contact Nick Beasant, Director of Sport at Oundle, as soon as possible:

Summary of what we are looking for

The majority of our Scholars are talented players across one or more of the four major team sports played at Oundle: rugby, hockey, netball or cricket. We are looking for young people with the potential to excel in at least one of these sports and we anticipate that most will have played their strongest sport at a representative age group level. We also welcome applications from dedicated athletes with sporting ability across a range of sports, including athletics, tennis and swimming, although these sports might not be assessed on the day. The Director of Sport is always willing to guide individuals on their potential suitability ahead of submitting an application, usually in conjunction with the respective prep school head of sport.

Sporting potential, a desire to learn and develop, as well as a strong sense of teamwork are key personal attributes for a 13+ Sport Scholar. Held over the course of one day spent at Oundle, assessment will involve skills tests and team building; physical assessments; training sessions in three selected sports and a round table discussion at lunchtime with fellow applicants and an Oundle member of staff.