Economics is one of the most popular Sixth Form subjects, with approximately 150 pupils currently opting for the subject. Lessons are designed to be intellectually challenging and stimulating, with theory being applied to real life concepts to ensure pupils think critically about the world around them.

Economic is taught solely at A level following the AQA specification. Weekly academic surgeries and revision lectures are held by staff, as well as fortnightly evening Society seminars.

A large number of Oundelians apply to read economics and related degrees at university and are ably supported by the department, through advice and personal statement support. For candidates who are interested in applications to Oxford or Cambridge, a comprehensive extension programme is delivered, offering seminars, pre-test preparation and interview practice.


The political landscape has never been more unpredictable than at the present time with old assumptions and institutions under challenge from the rise of populism with its profound consequences both in the UK and the USA. The A level course examines the way that institutions in the UK and US resolve conflicts, allocate resources and respond to changing political behaviour. In addition pupils explore the key ideologies which have shaped the polity of the UK and USA and the key thinkers who have developed discourse in the areas of conservatism, liberalism, socialism and anarchism.


Psychology is about asking questions and evaluating our answers. Why do we think, feel and behave the way we do? How should we conduct psychological research that is scientific, ethical, and has practical applications?

The emphasis of this A level course is on teaching pupils practical skills required for conducting research, evaluative skills needed to challenge established findings, and exploring the major theoretical approaches Psychology uses to explain human behaviour. Pupils use these skills to look at how Psychology is applied to everyday life. In all tasks we encourage a spirit of independent enquiry and a strong reliance upon scientific method. Psychology carefully and effectively bridges the gap between the sciences and humanities. It requires rigorously collected empirical evidence to be critically analysed in the form of extended answers, building on arguments and current debates.


The Coach House formed stabling for the original Rectory, and was purchased by the School in the 1990s.


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