The breadth of subjects and opportunities available at Oundle is what excites both our pupils and teachers. Oundelians are encouraged to look beyond their current strengths and interests, harness their natural intellectual curiosity and explore new avenues for learning.

Success in public examinations is valued as an important educational aim and forms the basis of our examined curriculum, but is only part of our academic approach. A rich and stimulating programme of non-examined courses and electives across all year groups also form an integral part of the curriculum. A love of scholarship is an aspiration for every one of our pupils and staff, nourished by intellectual activity beyond the classroom and pursuits beyond the confines of Oundle School. We celebrate and reward involvement as well as achievement, believing that academic fulfilment should never be limited to the brightest of pupils.

Across the disciplines of Literature, Art, Design, History, Science and Language, we share a common pedagogical culture. Beyond that base, the School’s academic departments have considerable scope for independence. It is this independence and diversity that colours the curriculum, motivates our teachers and invites pupils to explore, read, reflect, debate, create and innovate.


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"Pupils’ strong attitudes, together with their high level of knowledge and skills, are major indicators of the School’s successful promotion of a distinctive and outstanding education."
ISI Inspection Report 2021

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