The starting point for the study of Theology, Philosophy and Religion is the belief that religion has been and continues to be a significant influence on the way that the world has developed, and that these influences have affected societies and individuals alike, for good and for bad. It is therefore impossible to have a full understanding of either the historical or modern world without an understanding of religion: the creeds that underpin a religious worldview, and the practices that illustrate these beliefs.

During the first three years at Oundle, pupils are introduced to a range of belief systems as diverse as animism and Buddhism. For IGCSE, pupils focus for half the paper on Islam and Christianity, and for the other half on ethics and philosophy. For Sixth Form study we have chosen to offer the Pre-U 'Philosophy and Theology' paper which develops the IGCSE course and goes into more depth on the philosophical, theological and ethical theories that have shaped Western society.

The Sixth Form Philosophy and Theology Society regularly invites speakers to talk on a range of subjects. Recent speakers have been Dr Jeremy Caddick of Cambridge Universtiy on environmental ethics, Dr Hazard of UCL on "Moral Philosophy and the End of Life", and Rupert Shortt (OO), religion editor of the TLS, on his latest book God is No Thing. The department runs trips to Istanbul and a joint trip with the Spanish department to Northern Spain.

Mr B Deane
Head of Department