Arabic is available in the Fourth Form as a beginner’s course for those who wish to take GCSE in Arabic. The course's main objective is to develop the ability to communicate in Modern Standard Arabic.

The course also focuses on developing the skills needed for the GCSE exam: speaking, reading, writing and listening. The lessons include situation-based conversations and topics that build vocabulary, grammar, general communicative competence and cultural awareness based on contemporary issues and themes.

Pupils are encouraged to develop their own oral and written presentational skills and are assessed periodically throughout the academic year.

The Arabic department offers various trips and activities organized by the pupils and guest speakers. Oundelians recently took part in the Eton National Arabic Text Declamation, and our pupils were highly commended.

As the popularity of the Arabic course grows, more pupils are taking it as their main or subsidiary subject at university: Arabic, Arabic and Spanish, Arabic and Oriental Studies, Arabic and Farsi. Most offers have come from Oxford, Cambridge and SOAS.

Miss S Naga
Head of Department