Oundle geographers’ impressive general knowledge of the world led them to victory at the South Lincolnshire Geographical Association’s Worldwise Quiz, hosted this week at Stamford School.

Boris Ostin (Ldr), William Crane (Ldr) and Robert Brettle (B) from the Oundle A team were eager and enthusiastic throughout the event, sprinting to the judges table after each round to hand in their answers! They were particularly successful in the country anagram round, with the most challenging round being the city picture reveal where there was a reduction in points awarded if more parts of the photo had to be revealed before a correct answer was given.

Having been announced as winners from the field of nine schools, there was a tense five minute wait to find out whether their high score of 128 had been beaten by the competition winners up in North Lincolnshire, whose event was running simultaneously. Unlike in 2017, we prevailed and beat the North Lincolnshire winners score of 117 by 11 points. There is a trophy coming our way!

The Oundle B team also did a superb job coming 4th with 108 points. In the B Team were Matthew Brayshaw (G), Stephen Ogunmwonyi (B) and Flora Mardon (L).