On Friday 2 February, 187 eager Third Formers set off at dawn on 20 different Trivium Trips around the country in their small sets of 10 for the annual Trippium Day.

While some pupils explored the architectural history of London, the gritty charms of the South Bank’s lesser-trod streets and their social history, others soaked up the refreshing expressions filling the Tate Modern and the glories of the Wallace Collection and the Globe Theatre; another London group got to grips with new discoveries at the Science Museum. Three groups criss-crossed the capital on different walking tours between cathedrals, law courts and hidden corners, while another group headed for a personal tour of the Olympic Park. 

In other parts of the country, one group explored the libraries, colleges and ancient printing presses of Oxford, setting type and inking their hands, while another explored the fine art and Georgian secrets of Stamford and Lincolnshire with an experienced local guide. 

Two groups headed North to Yorkshire: one to the Sculpture Park, stuffed with exotic statuary and modern works, and the other to the gruesomely fascinating Medical Museum at Leeds. The Space Centre at Leicester was a hit with other pupils, including a simulator and tour. Code-breaking enthusiasts headed for Bletchley Park, the home of computing and Turing’s team of Enigma-crackers during the Second World War, while a final group had an all-access pass backstage at Stratford-upon-Avon, and worked with professional actors in a workshop on Shakespeare.

Trippium is the annual day trip for all Trivium sets, where each group of 10 pupils and their teacher goes somewhere different, with carte blanche to explore something interesting or esoteric in the UK linked to their current extension topic. Pupils joined vigorous discussion, reported having their eyes opened to myriad hidden corners of culture and enjoyed the off-piste day out in the midst of winter to discover something new for its own sake.

W Gunson