The entire Third Form set off on expeditions and adventures over Field Weekend. While some Houses travelled as far as Norfolk and the Isle of Wight, Crosby House stayed close to home, enjoying a mix of adrenaline-fuelled activities and local culture.

They camped riverside at Wadenhoe, mountain-biked through Fineshade Woods, cooked steaks in the embers of their large back-wood fire, beat go-karting records near Weldon, and day-trekked from Oundle to Fotheringhay to discover an ancient lodge, climb the ancient tower and ring the bells with a local expert. 

The boys scrambled over the ruins of Kirby Hall, visited the splendid Burghley House, competed in night-time games in the woods each night, roasted marshmallows until late and, on the final night, toasted the house at dinner at the King’s Head, Wadenhoe. 

There were plenty of new experiences alongside a deeper experience of their own Oundelian ‘backyard’; there is many an enchanted place within striking distance of Oundle, and the Crosby Field Weekend trip helps the boys grow roots in their School county. 

W Gunson