On Friday 5 February, the whole Third Form set off just after dawn on 20 different Trivium Trips – Trippium – around the country.  Among destinations far afield, pupils explored the history and architecture of London, the libraries, colleges and ancient printing presses of Oxford, the fine art, controversies and quadrangles of Cambridge, the mediaeval strongholds and cathedrals of Lincoln and Coventry, alongside modern exhibitions, debates about Kafka and piles of weaponry. Other groups closer to home toured the historic centres of Stamford and Uppingham, and one group even ended up in prison – a planned stop, of course!  

Trippium is the annual day trip for all Trivium sets, where each group of 10 pupils and their teacher goes somewhere different, with carte blanche to explore something interesting in the UK, linked to their current extension topic.

Pupils reported having their eyes opened to myriad hidden corners of culture, and thrived on the challenge to take a photo representative of their trip – a competition to which there were over a hundred pupil entries from the 20 different locations, three of which were selected by the School Photographer to feature here: Lincoln Cathedral by Will Stairs (L); Trinity College, Oxford by Charles Jackson (G); Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge by Oliver Fiddes (C).   

W Gunson