The Medical Society welcomed optometrist Chintu Patel, director of Peterborough Vision Plus, to talk about the profession, and the technology that is used to explore the workings of the eye. 

His interactive and entertaining talk on “Maintaining and Improving the Gift of Sight” was delivered in the manner of a university seminar with members of the audience asking questions about each new intriguing case study that was presented. 

Beginning with a review of the anatomy of the eye, he then discussed the new equipment that is available to treat his patients, and explained how a routine eye exam could detect the formation of a tumour. Images of damage to the lens and retina were used to show how vision would be impacted, and also what treatment would be required. 

It was fantastic to have parents and pupils join us from three local schools. We hope that they will spread word of our talks to their peers so that we can welcome more guests in the future.