The Rugby Fives Association staged the Midlands Schools’ Regional Championships at Oundle on March 1st.

Four schools each entered four players, which made for a very neat draw in singles and doubles.

In the Singles, four pools produced a knockout competition which was dominated ultimately by Derby Moor. Oundle’s George Crawley (L) won the Plate in his shoot-out with the other losing semi-finalist from Rugby.
In the Doubles, run as a straight knockout, the first pairs from Derby Moor and Oundle won through to the final, which was not only the final match of the day but unquestionably the best. Derby Moor won the first game, but then very quickly found themselves down by several points as George and his partner Henry Hollund (L) blasted their way into a lead which they did not relinquish in the second game. The third game went precisely the other way as Derby Moor got off to a rapid start and managed to hold off the Oundle challenge, largely by making fewer mistakes in a game where all four players were visibly tiring.

Oundle had the consolation of the second pair, Henry Dickinson (L) and Adam Hutchinson (G), winning the Doubles Plate by demolishing a young and very weary Derby Moor II.

Report: Bob Dolby