As we emerge from a period of global uncertainty and continued strain on both people and establishments, we are proud to publish our vision for securing the long-term security and success of our School for all our pupils, from the four-year-old joining Reception at Laxton Junior School to the eighteen-year-old preparing for life beyond Oundle.

We place the highest value on giving our pupils every possible opportunity to flourish. Fundamental to this commitment is the quality of our care, including the physical and pastoral structures that make it possible.

Project 24 celebrates our profound belief in co-education and in guiding our children’s development. It also embraces our core identity as a boarding school and our long-held belief that boarding offers the best environment within which to realise our ambitions for all our pupils, giving us the scope and the time to offer unparalleled opportunity that simply is not possible otherwise, from the youngest to the oldest, boarders and day pupils alike.

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