We have developed our Partnership with The Royal College of Music considerably, and now have an appointed Fellow from their MEd course. We welcome Emma Purslow to our community for this year, who will be working closely with outreach to neighbouring schools and bringing projects into Oundle School for all pupils to enjoy.

The Alkyona String Quartet, formed in the bustle of London in 2018 by Emma, present one of the most beautiful mediums in the world of music. Our pupils studying academic music will steal many a compositional idea ahead of toil in the composition studio. We look forward to Alkyona’s return in in the Easter Term to play through works in progress, before the final competition and recording of completed works in our annual Composers’ Concert.

Emma Purslow, violin
Marike Kruup, violin
Claire Newton, viola
Jobine Siekman, cello

Livestreamed on Vimeo and Instagram @oundleschool.