In a new initiative supported by Oundle School, influencers, activists and educators have come together to discuss a diverse range of topics. The brand new web series, The Exchange, explores issues including consent, period stigma, body confidence, revenge porn and other so-called taboos facing young people.

The Exchange addresses subjects that matter to young people in a direct, engaging and informative way. With nine out of ten teenagers in the UK using social media, The Exchange aims to provide positive online education via social media to promote healthy offline relationships.

The ambition is that this web series will inspire change, and equip teenagers with the tools they need to thrive in these uncertain times.

Oundle’s Head of Learning for Life, Hannah Dawes leads the interviews on each episode. She is passionate about educating teenagers on so-called ‘taboo’ topics as well inspiring change with value-based education.

The first webisode went live on and social media on Thursday 17th September. Further episodes are rolled out weekly. Webisode one focused on consent with Nathaniel Cole and British Bindi, who discussed the language and law around consent, as well as the importance of having open conversations. Future guests include Vick Hope, Liam Hackett, Scott Davies, Ambar Driscoll, Emma Breschi and many more.

The Exchange is supported by Oundle School and is inspired by our Learning for Life (PSHE) programme, a pupil-led approach that continually evolves in response to their needs. The curriculum aims to help pupils develop resilience, make wise choices and foster the skills and attributes they will need for a successful life beyond school.