Seven Oundelians participated in the Model United Nations event at Felsted School at the end of February, convening with other schools under the conference theme: Striving for greater global cooperation & unity.

Oundle pupils made up the delegations from Israel and Tunisia, and they notched up a good tally of passed resolutions and amendments over the two days. Two Oundle delegates were highly commended in their committees: Alec (L), Human Rights, Israel; Ned (C) Historic Security Council, Tunisia.

The Historic Security Council turned back the clock to respond to the major events of 1979, which included the Iran hostage crisis, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the final stages of the civil war in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia). The other committees attempted to find solutions for current issues such as managing cybersecurity, the imprisonment of minors, the rights of women to education, the need for cooperation with vaccines and closing the gap for sustainable energy.

Felsted hosted an excellent conference which also included two fascinating plenary sessions, one with a hands-on charity, The Flying Seagull Project, which provides play opportunities for children living in migrant camps, and another with the journalist Tom Sparrow, who gave guidance to delegates on how to discern both misinformation and disinformation.