The second Liberal Arts Essay Competition for Lower Sixth pupils attracted a strong field of ambitious responses. The essay titles aimed to link and develop overarching arguments between different areas of academic specialisms in the Sixth Form.

The choice of essay titles was: “Discuss the representation of Good and Evil in your particular field(s) of interest” or “The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there. Reflect on this quotation in any way you deem appropriate.”

In advance of their own research and writing, pupils attended two talks in the Michaelmas Term that framed the questions from different angles. Pupils drew upon their own wide-ranging interests, and submitted thoughtful essays that were well supported by independent reading across the liberal arts in literature, languages, visual arts, philosophy, psychology, and ancient and modern history.

The winner was Nancy (W); second runner-up was George (B); third runner-up was Julian (C); and both Innes (L) and Kate (L ) were awarded joint proxime accessit.