On Thursday, Mr Enrico Ciccone, admissions tutor and teaching fellow at the University of Bath, spent the morning in the Modern Languages department, where he led three different inspiring and interactive presentations about the importance of studying languages.

During his visit he spoke to classes in the Lower Sixth, Second and Fifth Forms, talking to them about why talented linguists are needed in industry and government to negotiate and connect with other countries. In the developing economic and political climate, Britain needs to work with countries all over the world, and linguistic skills are and will be essential.

In addition to the importance of language skills, Mr Ciccone talked about international studies and the concept of ‘culture’. He argued that cultures are not mutually exclusive; they ‘flow, change and intermingle’, and he encouraged pupils to shed preconceptions and explore what lies below the surface.

Over the last few years, the Modern Languages department has been forging a close relationship with the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies at Bath, and is seeing more pupils interested in applying for their courses.