Eleven Oundelians took part in this year’s Fourth Form German exchange to Hamburg. The link with this particular school is now in its second decade.

The programme included visiting the historic city centre where the German exchange partners had prepared short presentations for every site, including St Michael’s cathedral, the town hall, the harbor and the old car tunnel underneath the river Elbe. The visit to the world’s biggest model railway exhibition was also a highlight.

The most exciting and impressive visit was at the museum Dialog im Dunkeln, where pupils experienced what it feels like to be blind for an hour – a truly fascinating experience.

Most of the success of a language exchange was due to the generous hospitality of the hosts, who provided a unique experience of life with a German family, and who shared their days at a German school, with all its interesting differences.

Our pupils can’t wait for their partners to come to Oundle later in the Term so that they can show them how they live and study at an English school.

External visits will include London, York, Cambridge and Peterborough. One of the highlights for our guests is usually the buggy racing organized by the Patrick Centre where our German guests are presented with the opportunity to race the cars built by pupils at Oundle.

J Rohrborn