At this year’s Charity Fair, every House organised a stall to raise funds for their chosen charity.

Modelled on a traditional village fete, hundreds of pupils passed through the Great Hall during the afternoon and took up the challenge to guess the number of sweets, test their aim at a coconut shy, demonstrate physical coordination to eat a doughnut on a string or set a record at the limbo bar.

One of the most popular challenges was for soft drinks aficionados who had to blind taste a range of fizzy drinks and guess the brand.

Of course, a perennial favourite was the chance to “splat a teacher”, for which several members of staff braved multiple cold water dowsings.

For the first time the Charity Fair stalls were cashless, with Upper Sixth Form “bankers” selling tokens to spend inside the Great Hall.

Pupil Charity Reps nominated sixteen different charities to support, including Kivuli Trust, Vanessa Grant Trust, Breast Cancer UK, Mencap, Kelly’s Heroes, World Land Trust. A total of £1250 was raised in two hours, thanks to the efforts of the pupils, and the good spirits of some rather damp teachers.