This year’s Charity Fashion Show was an organisational and fundraising success in aid of the Rainforest Alliance. It was also a great night of fun entertainment.

The show was organised by Sixth Formers Georgina (N), Isla (D), Scarlett (D) and Georgia (W), and featured 34 pupil models strutting the runway across three different sets. The choreography included five pairs of siblings taking a spin together, including twins in matching outfits. There was also a special appearance from Ms Rees and Mr Bradnam who stripped off their lab coats to reveal superhero alter egos.

Between the catwalks there were musical performances by Angus (S) and Flora (D), who played “Look At Us Now”, and Jenny (K) and Cici (W) who performed a Lana del Ray song. Indispensable technical support was provided by Rory (B), Hector (StA) and India (N) who handled the live-mixing, sound and lighting.

Fashion looks included a range of styles from cottage-core and indie casual to sports leisure and gender-fluidity, and were assembled by the girls with donations from Goldrush Vintage, which has a warehouse locally, and Babble & Goose, Toms Trunks, Studio Sevens and Morelli, as well as clothes from their own wardrobes.

The show raised £4580 for the Rainforest Alliance which operates in more than 70 countries with a focus on the environment and human rights; a popular, preferred issue to support by pupils across the School.