In Wyatt, we value sisterly affection, which is borne from tolerance and loyalty. Our motto is: Take Care. That means you should mind about doing a good job, but also that you should look after one another and yourself. It’s a busy School but it has so many opportunities for lifelong friends and life-shaping experiences.

Ellie Talbot, Housemistress


Joan Wyatt co-founded the Guild of Our Lady of Oundle in the early part of the sixteenth century, and gave her name to one of a pair of Houses built in 1990 for the first girl boarders.


What our pupils think

We are lucky to be surrounded by playing fields so there is always somewhere to go for a walk, a run, a game of rounders or over to the tennis courts just in front of us. We are a sociable House and particularly enjoy House Swaps on a Saturday evening, often involving a year group from another House coming round for an evening around the fire pit or a game of table-tennis. Something we love is going to the cinema on a Sunday evening or having an informal concert or dance show in our enormous rec room. In fact, on Saturday nights we often have discos in here too! Every year we have a House trip to the theatre: last year we went to see Six, which was brilliant!

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