The Berrystead is a place where you belong, and where you should be able to relax and be yourself…throw yourself into things with energy and enthusiasm you should get a great deal out of being a part of this place, and make some important and lasting friendships in the process.

Sophie Fonteneau, Housemistress


Built in the late seventeenth century as a gentleman’s town house, The Berrystead is a handsome Grade I listed building close to the centre of town.

The Berrystead houses around 40 pupils across First Form and Second Form, with roughly equal numbers of boys and girls in each year.

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What our pupils think

Free time in The Berrystead is great fun because you can escape from School and play and talk with your friends. There is a nice garden to play in, including swings. If you have a tennis racket and it is summer time, it is nice to play tennis on the tennis courts. In winter people play basketball – we have a full size court. But you don’t have to do sport – there a lot of choices of things for you to do in House. You can find a good book and sit down in the library and just relax or you can have some tuck if you wish.

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