Your House is the place where you belong, where you will work, make friends and relax, and where you can be yourself. Strive to do your best and throw yourself into life here with as much energy and enthusiasm as you can muster…that way you should get a huge amount out of School life and School House in particular.

Scott Jessop, Housemaster


By tradition School House was originally the residence of the Headmaster and there has been a School House at Oundle since 1556.

The name of ‘School House’ was originally given to the former Guildhall, purchased for the newly endowed School in 1557. Later, the Houses forming the east side of the Cloisters were named School House in 1799, accommodating the Headmaster and pupils. With the expansion of boarding numbers, the site for the current School House was chosen in the centre of town in 1885, and continued to provide accommodation for the Headmaster.


What our pupils think

School House is blessed with lots of social space both indoors and outdoors. By special agreement with the Head, we’re are allowed to use the bigger grass space under her office for games evenings and weekends and often goalposts get moved around there for a mass game across different year groups if that is your thing.

Indoors, there are no fewer than three common rooms – the cosy junior basement space is for films, board games and table football, the middle CR has a dartboard and a chess board, while the main TV room is the main social hub with Sky Movies, Sky Sports and a pool table. There is also a House Library – the real chess hub in the house.

We count ourselves lucky to have a wonderful French Matron –  she makes the best crepes in Oundle!

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