New House is a place where you can relax and be yourself. It has always had a special atmosphere where we value kindness, honesty and integrity, a place for making lasting friendships and above all a place to be happy in your time here at Oundle.

Caroline Rees, Housemistress


Despite its name, parts of New House date back to the 17th century and even earlier; the stone arch over the prep room could be as early as 1450.

New House was converted to a girls’ House in 1997, but was first used as a boarding House in 1907.


What our pupils think

One of the greatest features of our House is the vast amount of outdoor space where we can relax or entertain on the top lawn, play sport in the paddock or walk to the island to see the river. After spending a day at sport or lessons, you will return to New House – the place where you can feel comfortable and relaxed with your new friends. We are so lucky to have an amazing garden, as well as really beautiful buildings – you definitely won’t feel as if New House is just an extension of your classes. There are plenty of places to spend your free time – you will all be in a dorm with members of your year group, but we also have an art room, a music room for practicing instruments, a TV room and even a library.

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