Laxton House matters a great deal to all of us and is the place where you should feel safe and well supported. Everyone in House is there to help in any way they can.

Adam Langsdale, Housemaster, Laxton

Sadler House aims to provide pupils with the ideal base from which to maximise their time at Oundle. The House is a nurturing environment which facilitates pupils to be the best they can be.

Joe Allen, Housemaster, Sadler


The current Laxton and Sadler site was rebuilt by J.S. Gwilt in 1855 in place of the original ‘Schoolhouse’, purchased by the newly endowed school in 1557. In 1876, the Grocers’ Company divided the School into two parts; Laxton Grammar School and Oundle School, and these premises formed the Grammar School.

In 2000, following a long period of integration, the Grocers’ Company formally united the two Schools under the common name of Oundle School and retained the name of Laxton for the senior day House.

In 2023, Laxton House was configured to accommodate two discrete
co-educational day Houses for pupils aged 13-18: Laxton and Sadler, named after the first schoolmaster of Laxton Grammar School. Each House has its own Hsm, Tutors and Matron as well as shared administrative support, providing the sense of home and nurture provided to both our boarders and our Scott House pupils


What our pupils think

The transition into the senior school might feel daunting, but there is a large team of supportive pupils and teachers that are at your disposal within the Laxton and Sadler communities if you ever feel the need to talk about anything. It is really easy to make friends and pupils benefit from the security of being part of a close knit and distinct House while integrating and sharing spaces across both senior day Houses. The opportunities are plentiful and you really do get the most of Oundle when you immerse yourself in the busy School culture. The House matters a great deal to all of us and is the place where you should feel safe and well supported. You have a wonderful opportunity at Oundle School and you owe it to yourselves to make the very best of your time here.

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