As a member of the Dryden community, you will be made to feel very welcome from the outset. Dryden is a calm, familiar, fun, and comforting place to be and you will always have unwavering support so as to find your way quickly.

Amelia Barker, Housemistress


Dryden was designed by architect WA Forsyth and built in 1938 alongside Sanderson House.

It was named after the poet laureate, John Dryden, who, it is said, would sit on the steps of the Dolphin Inn on North Street (now Old Dryden) and compose his romantic verse. From its origins in Old Dryden, the House moved in 1938 to the purpose built House on Home Close.


What our pupils think

Dryden is a lovely and comforting community for us all. There are lots of opportunities to meet new people, make friends for life, and experience new opportunities. This might seem full on at the beginning and is likely to feel slightly overwhelming, but the community in Dryden is here to help keep you engaged whilst also making time to relax and have fun within House. The atmosphere is Dryden is extremely friendly and welcoming and everyone helps newcomers settle in quickly.

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