Bramston is a happy and outgoing House, where you will quickly come to see Bramston as your home from home. If you arrive with a positive and open-minded attitude, you will find that you quickly make new friends and enjoy life in our busy boarding House.

Peter Liston, Housemaster


Bramston House is a Queen Anne town house built as a private residence by lawyer Stephen Bramston in 1701. It was purchased by the Grocers’ Company in 1917 when the School increased its numbers.

A feature of the House is the fine garden area which includes a tennis court, as well as a substantial paddock with rugby posts, football goals and a new Astroturf cricket net.


What our pupils think

Everyone at Bramston loves the location of the House. In terms of facilities, we have the tennis court, basketball hoop, golf net, cricket net and the Paddock. The Paddock is the large football pitch at the bottom of the garden and whether a football lover or not, this is where a lot of free time can be spent.

There are four pianos in the House, and we are less than two minutes from The Gascoigne Building (Music). We are also extremely close to the Art department and being in town means the local shops and cafes too! The beauty of Bramston is that whoever you are and whatever you like doing, there is a place for you here.

The House is situated in the heart of the Market Place, close to the academic centre of the School. It is guided by principles including honesty and openness, hard work, kindness and courage.

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