The School is delighted to introduce a new work of art to its grounds. The specially commissioned sculpture entitled ‘Two Circles’ was installed on the forecourt of the Sports Centre on 9 December.

Designed and created by OO Tom Hiscocks (StA 81), ‘Two Circles’ pays tribute to the generosity of the Oundle community and the many donors who made the Sports Centre possible.

Tom said the sculpture reflects his interest in the natural world where constancy and change are enduring co-existing characteristics. The two circles of mirror polished steel gently rotate independently of each other, framing their viewers and the environment in infinite variations. Their differing size signify the interactions of young and old at School, and their shape more obviously symbolises Oundle and the supportive community of the OO Club.

The names of the donors are etched into the sides of a weathered plinth made of a contrasting oxidised corten steel that roots the sculpture with an earthy connection.

Tom Hiscocks’ family have a long association with Oundle. His brothers Charlie (StA 80) and Dan (Sn 89) also attended Oundle, and his OO father, Bill Hiscocks (D 48), was a life-long contributor to the School, serving on the board of the Oundelian Memorial Trust for over 50 years. Tom said the sculpture reflects his own time at Oundle, as well as his father’s.