For this year’s Sports Day, the School came together ‘virtually’, with over 400 participants representing their Houses to run 1.5km wherever they were in the world. 359 pupils took part, along with 16 Old Oundelians, 33 Staff and 23 family members.

Overall winners were Wyatt House with a massive 68% taking part. Second equal with 50% were Fisher and Scott Houses, followed by Kirkeby at 48%. It was a great celebration of House spirit, competition and participation, with pupils coming together in joint physical activity.

A few special mentions should go to: Izzy and Sofia Norton Kidd along with Miss Hignett who all ran in the shape of the letter ‘K’ for their GPS tracker for Kirkeby; Asha Distelbrink (Sn) couldn’t leave the house due to Covid-19 restrictions, so she measured her distance by walking around her living room for the 1.5km; and Vanya Robertson (S) who offered an exhaustive mathematical overview for his total distance covered and overall run time when his Under Armour mapmyfitness app failed him.