Day pupils currently make up approximately one-quarter of the School's total numbers, with boys and girls in almost equal proportion. Laxton pupils play an equal part in the academic, sporting and cultural life of the School, and the facilities on offer enable every pupil to follow a wide range of interests.

Every day (including Saturday) starts with registration in Laxton Cloisters between 8:00am and 8:25am. A cafeteria style lunch is taken in the Laxton Dining Room. The end of the day is variable, depending upon the age of the pupil and season of the year. Collection time is normally between 4:00pm and 6:00pm, but may be much later if there is a late afternoon rehearsal, evening lecture or theatre event to attend.

Laxton's buildings occupy the attractive churchyard site of the original ‘gild’ school, which Oundle's founder, Sir William Laxton, attended. They consist of the Cloisters, used for daily registration and other functions, the Long Room, used for additional assemblies, concerts and lectures, social areas, changing facilities and common rooms.

Laxton parents are invited to participate in the Friends of Laxton and Scott, which organises regular social events for parents, Staff and pupils. 

The Housemaster of Laxton, Mr Langsdale, together with his deputy, Mr Sanderson, lead a team of over twenty Tutors drawn from the academic staff. The pastoral system is supported by Heads of Years; Mr Coates oversees Fourth and Fifth Forms; and Mr Sanderson runs the induction of new pupils into the Third Form and oversees their well being and transition into Laxton.

Mr Langsdale came to Oundle in 2000 as Head of Biology and became Housemaster of School House in 2009. His wife is the School Archivist and their two sons are former Laxtonians.

Head of Laxton
Mr A Langsdale
+44 (0)1832 277265

Mrs L Warner
+44 (0)1832 277265

Mrs H Shair
+44 (0)1832 277140

Laxton House
North Street
Oundle PE8 4AR