At the start of the Easter holiday, 23 pupils and staff travelled to Paris. After dropping our bags at the hotel we went straight out to go the Eiffel Tower. Luckily Paris is just as beautiful in the rain so we walked to the area and took advantage of the photo opportunities. We had supper in a typically Parisian restaurant with the braver among us trying dishes such as bone marrow. We were joined by Monsieur Chevassu who is involved in the cinema industry and it was very interesting to speak to him about his profession.

The next day we were given our own tour of Montmartre which is a very artistic district. Then followed a visit to the Musée Rodin, which featured some of the sculptor’s most famous works placed amongst a huge garden. The highlight of the day was watching a French comedy in a very old theatre.

The third day began with a tour of Marais district where we went to the Musée Picasso. Some members of the trip were so engrossed in the art that they weren’t able to finish looking around the exhibition. The evening ended in a cinema trip.

On Friday we walked through a flower market and were able to visit the Notre and on the afternoon we had the opportunity to watch a fashion show in one of Paris’ largest shopping centers.

On the final day on the return journey we visited a flea market at the outskirts of the city which was absolutely huge, and without exception, we all bought something.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip, which also improved our French language skill considerably.

Lily Tyler (Sn)