The annual science competitions and Olympias offer challenges that stretch pupils to think about and apply their knowledge beyond the examined curriculum. Certificates that have recently been presented from last year’s competitions were awarded at the highest levels.

Last Term, 48 pupils completed the inaugural British Physics Olympia for Year 10 pupils. The exam tested pupils on a wide variety of different topics, some of which have still to be covered during lessons. Oundle pupils did very well, achieving 13 Gold Awards and 14 Silver Awards. Out of nearly 6000 pupils who entered the competition nationwide, only 541 (9%) achieved a Gold Award.

In June, Chemistry pupils took part in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, an annual competition launched by Cambridge University in 2011 to coincide with the International Year of Chemistry.

Both Thomas Riegels (S) and Marcus Fforde (S) achieved a Gold Award, placing them in the top 8% of over 7000 entrants.

In addition, eight other Oundle pupils received either Silver or Copper Awards.

The pupils all sat a 90 minute written exam designed for UK pupils in the Lower Sixth or below. Entrants who did well in the competition were sent certificates of achievement, and those who gained the top award won an invitation to a residential course at the University of Cambridge at the end of August.

Many of the pupils will now aim to repeat their success in the RSC Chemistry Olympiad 2019 competition, to be held in January.