Learning is about discovery, and there’s great satisfaction in being able to share one’s discoveries with others. In the Sixth Form pupils have the time to focus on ideas and issues that have caught their attention. Their curiosity might start in the classroom and then spin out in new directions, engaging them in wider reading and research. Two new online journals have been kick-started by Sixth Form pupils to provide platforms on which to share articles among their peers that reflect the liveliness of these interests and enthusiasms.

OS-TEC is a new science Journal. Initiated by Livy (K) and Aiden (G), its tagline, “By Pupils, for Pupils” reflects their ambitions of providing a creative outlet for their independent scientific investigations. Backed by rigorous reading and written with thoughtful analysis, articles from the first term range from music and cosmology, computational power, and perpetual motion to the evolutionary enigma of the platypus. They plan to cover STEM talks and events through the year, as well.

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Across the road at the home of social sciences, the Coach House Courier is a new online biannual journal with articles covering a range of topic areas linked to politics, economics and psychology. It is a new opportunity for pupils to apply the knowledge and skills developed in classrooms to write pieces which younger pupils, as well as those currently studying the subjects, will find enjoyable and accessible. Led by Adeola (K) and Hilda (K), the team have selected articles covering a broad range of issues from protectionism in cricket and the study of false memories to the “American death cult” in conservative US politics.

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