The U16 netball team started the season with a convincing win at the Northamptonshire County Cup tournament on November 5th. 

In preparation for the tournament, we trained every Monday night this term, which was clearly reflected in our results. We brought a careful strategy to each game.

In challenging conditions of pouring rain, we knew we only had 24 minutes to play, and managed to maximise this opportunity by dominating all three matches. We reflected on our play after each match, setting a goal for each half. Our goal was to try to keep possession of the ball and slow down the pace of the game. As a result, we conceded fewer goals with each match. The team’s defence was excellent throughout all the matches, with lots of interceptions.

First, we played Northampton High School, and won 25-8. Then we played Sponne School, winning 26-3, and finally played Moulton College, winning 23-1. 

In total we scored 74 goals, only conceding 12 goals in all three matches which is a very promising start to the season. A special mention to Hannah Boyle (L), who is playing a year up, as well as Matilda Lanni (L) and Matty Somerville-Cotton (L), who played exceptionally well. 

Having won the tournament, we will now progress to the regionals in January.

Lucy Thacker Martin (Sn)

In early October the netball 1st team competed in the U19 county tournament. Our first match was against NSB, and despite a rocky start and being behind by 5 goals at half time, we pulled ourselves together in the second half to win 17-14. 

We had only played once or twice as a team this year at that point, so it was nice to find our rhythm in the second half of the first match. This set us up well for our second match against Bishop Stopford School, and with an excellent attack led by Sienna Rushton (Sn) and Mya Onyett,(K) we sealed a win of 21-6. 

It was really in our third match against Wellingborough School where we found our stride. With outstanding defence from both Emily Horrocks-Taylor (L) and Izzy Wilson (Sn) it was almost impossible for Wellingborough to score. The countless interceptions they both made ensured us a win of 15-6. Despite Mya injuring her knee during the Wellingborough match we were still able to stay focused and secure the win even after the loss of one of our key shooters. 

We met our toughest opponent in our last match, Northampton High Sschool, who had an incredible goal defence who was capable of jumping miles up. Despite drawing 7 all at half term we sadly lost 22-15, but we still played very well, with Flora Gammell’s (K) impeccable shooting and Janna Holtby’s (Sn) relentless intercepting. Amy Hoffman’s (Sn) versatility both in attack and defence, and Ziyana Ayonote’s (K) movement round the goal circle, helped secure second place in the county tournament, qualifying us for the regionals which will take place in January. 

Both Emily and Izzy received players of the tournament, because their strong defence was incredible, despite having only played together once before. We still have a lot more training ahead of us before the regional tournament, but this great start has been a positive sign.

Mia Stanton (D)