Thirteen Third Form pupils accompanied teachers from the Religious Studies and Spanish Departments on a trip to Granada. After we landed in Seville, we had a two hour bus journey to our hotel in Granada and had a chance to look at the Spanish countryside. That night we had a massive dinner and went to bed for a big day ahead.

On our first full day we spent the morning at the Alhambra and had a tour around the whole area, taking pictures and listening to the tour guide explain its history. In the afternoon, we went to a flamenco show, which was exciting and colourful.

The next day, we went to the Mezquita de Granada, the first mosque in Granada. We learned about the history of the mosque, and how Islam is practised.

For lunch we went to a paella cooking course. We shared out the jobs and made all the food for our tasty lunch.

Later that day we had tours around Granada’s Cathedral of the Incarnation and the Royal Chapel, learning about the history of Christianity in Granada.

On the last day we had a choice of things to do, so some of us went to the top of the town to look at street art, as there was a lot of it in Granada, whilst the rest went around the town to look at more sites.

Later that afternoon we went back to Seville to get our flight home after a thrilling trip.

Tani Edu (G)