Eighteen pupils travelled to the south of France over the October Half Term to spend five days looking at the amazingly well-preserved Roman remains in the area.

Few people are aware of the extent of the remains in France, and this was a great opportunity for the pupils to understand that, although Rome and Athens are full of ancient remains, these can also be found all around the Mediterranean. The south of France has a remarkably preserved selection of classical sites, including the best preserved theatre and temple in all of Europe.

The group visited the amphitheatres of Nimes and Arles, which are still used for bull-fighting today, and also the famous Roman theatre in Orange. They also saw the Musee Caree, an ancient Roman temple in the centre of Nimes, and visited the Mougins Museum of Classical Art. This incredible museum is a privately-owned collection, unique in how its curator places the ancient art and sculpture next to the modern art that it later inspired.