With significance placed both on collaborative practice and shared learning, the gallery aims to allow everyone the freedom and support to learn. The vision of the gallery is to help children, young people, and adults to explore what art can be – supporting the importance of art in schools.


What we do

Defining the vision for the space, which has learning at its core. Striking a fine balance between exhibitions and learning, each supporting the other, The Yarrow Gallery strives to push the boundaries and blur the lines between the roles of artists, teachers and learners.

In unison with the exhibitions, a learning and participation programme works with our communities, community groups, teachers, schools, and pupils, creating lasting relationships.

Working alongside a multi-disciplinary arts curriculum, The Yarrow Gallery’s focus is to offer ‘real’ learning opportunities to young people with outcomes not simply framed by the current education agenda but providing a reflective environment for critical thinking.



Moving forward

The Yarrow Gallery aims to be a leader in collaborative and shared learning and an advocate for the importance of art as a tool for building awareness and understanding. We are thinking about the future of the arts and about how we can support an environment which is both an exciting and safe place, where everyone has an opportunity to share and learn.

The gallery aims to support young, aspiring artists and bring high-calibre, international art to the East Midlands region.
We are always looking for new ways to be involved in our communities and welcome new artists to exhibit. If you wish to exhibit in the Yarrow, please contact us.

The gallery is open to the public during exhibition times (10.30am – 1pm and 2.30pm – 5pm).

EXHIBITIONS – what’s on


What our pupils think

The Yarrow is a fantastic place for us. Few schools have a gallery to provide exhibition opportunities for young artists. The Yarrow at Oundle allows pupils to gain insight into how galleries function and offers the experience of having your art on display to the public, helping young artists build confidence in their work.

Max, Sixth Form Artist

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