I like to think of the House as a family who will be there for you; there will always be someone to play yardy, football, tennis or chess with or watch a film or go to town with and you add to the family by being yourself, thinking of others, and being kind.

Chris Bradnam, Housemaster


With its distinctive copper dome, St Anthony was built on Shillibeer’s paddock in 1928. It was named after the Patron Saint of the Grocers’ Company.

The copper-domed tower is a local landmark clearly visible as one approaches Oundle from the west. The extensive outside space includes a walled garden for football, as well as a grass tennis court and an enclosed yard for ‘yardy’ cricket.


What our pupils think

St Anthony is a really amazing House and we all have a great time and make a lot of memories. We have great house spirit, good food and a wide range of facilities. We have a grass tennis court; ‘paddock’ for football; the courtyard, where we play yardy; a snooker room; two TV rooms, one of which has a ping pong table. All this is available to every year group, and joining in these games is how all boys across years get to know one another, and gives the House its tight knit feel.

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