Laundimer is not simply a place to reside, it is a haven where boys become part of something greater than themselves. I want Laundimerians to feel as though they belong and are involved in something to which they want to contribute positively and proactively, but from which they will also gain an enormous amount in return, including friendships, memories and achievements, all of which will last a lifetime.

Richard Howitt, Housemaster


Laundimer House was built in the 1830s for Richard Tibbits. During the latter decades of the nineteenth century, it was owned by Lord Lyveden, and its name was probably taken from the woods which formed part of the Lyveden estate near Brigstock. It was once the residence of Robert (later Baron) Vernon Smith, who was MP for Northamptonshire in the mid-nineteenth century. Laundimer House was purchased in 1916 after the Grocers’ Court sanctioned an increase in the number of pupils that could be admitted to the School.

What our pupils think

In Laundimer, we pride ourselves on maintaining an excellent House spirit, whether it be on the sports field or on stage. We have a great community, so there is nothing to be worried about. We embrace individuality and quirkiness, which is a defining factor that makes us such an entertaining and charismatic House.

You have so much to look forward to at Oundle (especially if you choose Laundimer, fondly known locally as “The Brown” because of our House colours) and very quickly you will find yourself feeling at home.

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