Kirkeby is a ‘home from home’, with crucial principles of kindness, honesty and integrity which are expected. Friends and memories are made for
life here at Kirkeby.

Charlotte Deane, Housemistress

A Brief History

Kirkeby opened its doors in September 1990 to accommodate the Schools’ first girl boarders. The House is named after Joan Kirkeby (Dame Joan Laxton), who implemented the terms of Sir William Laxton’s bequest to establish Laxton Grammar School in 1556.


What our pupils think

The best advice we can give to anyone joining Oundle is to be yourself, don’t feel like you have to conform and be someone that you aren’t. Get to know as many people as you can and take advantage of all that Oundle has to offer. Surprise yourself as we have done; you never know what you might enjoy. Taking part in a number of activities can not only be good fun, but they are a great way of getting to know people out of House. Also, be kind and respectful to one another, it is an essential part of living in the House, and wider School, communities.

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