In Fisher we have high standards: to be supportive and excellent friends, to push our academic endeavours to new heights and to be sporting in any match. Boys have the space and spirit to carve their own line through Oundle in their own direction. We’ve seen our boys grow into outstanding performers in the theatre, enchanting musicians on stage and fierce debaters before the gavel.

Luke Jones, Housemaster


Originally known as Laxton House, the boarding House was first established on West Street. It was relocated to join the other Field Houses in 1905 and in 2001 it was renamed Fisher House after former headmaster, Kenneth Fisher.

The House maintains several characteristics and guiding principles, not least being respectful to all of those around you, being honest at all times, and making the very most of the opportunities that you have, and being thankful for them.

What our pupils think

Fisher’s location as a Field House allows for peaceful mornings and evenings. The close proximity to the sports pitches and the amazing new Sports Centre means that a game of football, tennis, cricket etc is always available at your fingertips.

We take great pride in sport, meaning there is always a great atmosphere at any event, something which you will quickly experience when you join. However, if sport is not your strong suit, there is plenty else going on, whether your skills lie in anything from music and drama to debating, which we often shine in.

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